I would like to know what i've done to a bone in my body!?

Answer Most likely you stretched the ligaments holding your collar bone (clavicle) to the breast bone (the manubrium of the sternum). It is possible that you broke your clavicle. Try Aleve or Motrin for t... Read More »

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Has anyone before done a bone regeneration surgery for sever bone loss due to periodental deasese?

I've assisted on many bone graft procedures and it is wonderful technology. The bone they mostly use is cadaver bone that has gone thru rigorous testing for disease and sterilization. The success r... Read More »

I'm swiss and i would like to know what do you know about Switzerland ?

On the whole, I think that the American people admire you, not only because of your neutrality but also because of the awesome strength of your military. I'm a Swiss trained watchmaker and the only... Read More »

I had a bone density test done and I have a high bone density but I still break my bones very easily..why?

I think I am going o die soon I have had bone cancer for 12 years, i feel like my body is shutting down on me.?

Homeopathic treatment for Bone Cancer :-ARSENICUM ALBUM 200C twice a week.PHOSPHORUS 30C thrice a day half hour before meals.Avoid Chocolates, Coffee Mints Red Meat alcoholic and carbonated drinks.... Read More »