I would like to know how does one totally clean out a hard drive?

Answer i've already posted this answer,but to answer your question,i'm posting it again,somewhat modified to fit your here goes...first you have to understand how your hard drive works.inside... Read More »

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How can I destroy totally a COMPUTER hard drive?

A drill.Seriously, I work with confidential data and they use a drill.Make at least 4 holes in the hard drive, erase it first though.

I have a bad pain in my heart and it is hard to breath. Im 16 and i would like to know what to d?

primary care doctore and follow up with a cardiologist.

I would like to know what is the best and easiest way to clean windows?

Does anyone know how to recover data of a damaged hard drive?

yesss i did and i reformatted my computer too,search up somefin called "getdataback" for "NTSF" or "FAT", it depends wether ur comp runs on ntfs or fat. so yeahh i really hope this of lu... Read More »