I would like to know health friendly resteraunts in the...?

Answer I don't know, how much money you will make, but a healthy restaurant is Subway, they only handle with vegetables and bread and some other stuff like chips, but there baked so there more healthier a... Read More »

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I would like to know when we will have Universal health care for most US citizens who pay tax ?

When Bush stops paying out billions for this war and starts putting the money to better use like a Universal health care plan. Most countries have health insurance as a benefit for being a citizen.... Read More »

I'm swiss and i would like to know what do you know about Switzerland ?

On the whole, I think that the American people admire you, not only because of your neutrality but also because of the awesome strength of your military. I'm a Swiss trained watchmaker and the only... Read More »

I would like to know if any of you know any motorcycle dealerships that sell motorcycles from $3,000 in NJ?

Even if you find a 1300 bike no one on the planet is gonna insure you so go look for a 125cc learner bike..

Canon 400D you would like to buy a canon 300mm f 4 LIS lens canon1.4 x extender you would like to know if you could use this lens for your camera and its cost?

Once you have a digital camera and a compatible memory chip, you can take almost countless pictures for no additional expense. As the memory chip fills up, you can upload it to a computer and then ... Read More »