I would like to hear other's opinions on tipping servers in restaurants?

Answer That's unusual. I can't imagine why they wouldn't!My frined once gave 100 dollar top for a I wanna say $40 meal lol..

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Tipping (Gratuity) in Restaurants?

I will pay according to service. If the service is satisfactory, I give a 20% tip at the least.I will admit, JoyRide, I've done the same and not tipped if service was poor. One time a friend and ... Read More »

Do you think tipping has gotten out of hand How much do you guys tip at restaurants?

Hey Rub,Well you certainly have hit a nerve, haven't you? I must preface this by saying that I have waited tables and bartended for many years, so anything I say will probably be "tilted".1). Mos... Read More »

Do all restaurants make servers tip out?

all restaurants must collect and report there tips. as a restaurant manager. waiter. bartender iam telling you this is the way it goes.

Question for servers in restaurants?

Lisa C. You've obviously never been part of a wait staff or you'd realize the detail it entails, not to mention the physical demand. Some food for thought: The wait staff will remember you too a... Read More »