I would like to have a birthday reminder in excel. How to create?

Answer There are many ways to handle this. It all depends on how sophisticated you want it to be. And it would have helped to know which version of MS-Excel you are using.It could be something as simple... Read More »

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So it's my birthday, this is my favourite birthday song (link provided) have you a song you would like to play?

Happy Birthday dear Reg! Just be happy, have tons of fun and be loved:)……

Okay my birthday is coming up I would like to go to benihanas. They offer a free birthday dinner meal.?

You can definitely get a meal there with chicken and vegetables and rice. But the vegetables won't include brocolli -- I hope you like mushrooms.Thirty dollars should be plenty for one of their ch... Read More »

Can a reminder or alarm be set on a database on an excel spreadsheet?

Actually, some VBA code could be written to run whenever that MS-Excel workbook was opened. Or it could be assigned to a Macro in that workbook, and you could decide on when you wanted the code to... Read More »

Which would you like more A Regular Birthday Cake Or An Ice Cream Birthday Cake?

Just plain cake with ice cream. I don't like icing or buttercream.