I would like to apply to Oberlin College by early decision but what about FAFSA?

Answer The COST is easy, the schools annual Cost of Attendance is $52,587. Here:…The cost (of ANY school) doesn't change. All that early decision and "binding" ... Read More »

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Does Applying to a College for Early Decision Hurt the Chances of Getting a Scholarship?

For an incoming college student who has a dream school, early decision can be a beneficial admissions option. The student can find out whether his dream school accepted him in the fall of his senio... Read More »

Can I apply for FAFSA as a sophomore in college next year?

Yes you apply by the year. When you and your parents do their taxes for 2008 you need to do your fafsa as well. (Feb/March of 2009). This will be effective for the 2009-2010 school year.You will... Read More »

How early should i apply for college?

High school students should talk to colleges as early as they possibly can. According to The College Board, starting the application process in autumn of your senior year is usually the best policy... Read More »

I have a question about going to college and FAFSA? has a great section on this topic of getting your parents on your side with the FAFSA. Some of this is going to be useful to your situation.…Go... Read More »