I would like buy a new laptop, which is a better brand?

Answer Depends on the operating system you wish to run.Windows or Mac, For Windows, go for HPToshibaBoth companies make great laptops.If you want Mac OS, get an Apple I-Book

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Which brand of laptop is better?

i have a HP Pavillion and im so happy with has everything i need..remote control finger print ID and so much more..its light compact and attractive design on the cover..scratch resistant.pri... Read More »

Which is a better laptop brand :HP,Toshiba,dell,sony,compaq?

I love the Dell I have and it's pretty powerful, especially for running multiple programs and such. Look at their XPS laptop line. They're decently priced, as well.HP and Compaq are one in the same... Read More »

Which brand do you guy like better, adidas or nike?

Adidas would be my choice, i like the feeling that adidas brings to me, and almost all the superstars i like are advertising for adidas, i like katy perry, eason chan.. :)

Would like to purchase an all-in-one printer, which brand is best?