I worried about student finance (They are taking the mick). What should I do?

Answer If they say ignore the emails then do so :P however ring them again and say you would like a letter of... (what ever your friends recieved).. (confirmation?) etcetc, and double check they have ever... Read More »

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I'm worried with the Student Finance.?

Your best bet will probably be to go see a financial aid counselor at the university you will be attending. They know how things work for your specific school.

Should I be worried about X-ray?

Wait to be concerned until your doctor tells you why (s)he called you in- it could be they found what's causing your pain, and it's a simple operation to fix it. That wouldn't be something to be co... Read More »

Should i be worried about a stroke?

You are not having a stroke First symptoms of a stroke are blurry vision not feeling your hand or arm confusion in your mind

Should i be worried about cancer?

It's VERY rare for someone your age to get a brain tumor, and the symptoms you describe don't really sound like cancer to me. Light-headedness is most commonly caused by low blood pressure, which... Read More »