I worked out and now my arms feel like jello?

Answer LOL, happens to all people who doesnt exercise frequently and suddenly do some heavy excersie. Its normal trust me, but you cant really dont anything to make it go away......what you can do right n... Read More »

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If you were a baby, born with 3 arms, would you want to keep them all. Assuming they all 3 worked perfectly?

Assuming that I could control the actions of the 3rd one.....hell yes!

I've started lifting weights. Yesterday I worked my arms, and today my elbows are very sore. Normal?

How did you feel when you first held your baby in your arms?

Ecstatic, thrilled, overwhelmed with joy. Like the world was complete and right again. I was so happy to finally meet the little person I had been carrying for nine whole months. I can't believe... Read More »

Why do my arms and legs feel all of a sudden heavy?

It sounds like a neurological problem that is causing your arms and legs to feel heavy.