I work at a lumber yard and know all the good sub contractors. Would it be a good idea to build my own home?

Answer There are so many properties on the market at a budget price, which are cheaper than buying the materials you need to build the same house.

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I want to keep neighbourhood kids off my lawn, is it a good idea to have a sign in my front yard....?

Yes, don't they already make you put one out there?

Is this a good idea - Recording the whereabouts of home contents on home answering machine?

Hahaha...I never thought of that,,but a lot of people may as well I "spose if theyre just advertising the fact that theyre not home...but if they came to my place,,they'd be in for a shock as I rar... Read More »

When is refinancing a home a good idea?

On One Hand: Benefits of Refinancing.Refinancing a home can have multiple benefits. Some homeowners refinance in order to lower the interest on their mortgage. This can result in either lowering th... Read More »

Why would it be a good idea to start a business at home?

Although business ownership can have its downside, running a home-based business offers increased flexibility and other advantages for people who like being their own boss.Types of Home BusinessTra... Read More »