I wonder.....does goggle chrome ?

Answer Basically its free but few selective apps are thr u need to pay. these apps also inform u amount before u click them...dont get confused :)

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Goggle Chrome Freezes and Crashes?

It shouldnt be doing that. If you want I can remotely check out your computer find otu why its doing it. Feel free to click my name and drop me a mail. Im free for the next hour or so.

How to Get a Goggle Tan?

A goggle tan is a phenomena that occurs when a person wears goggles outdoors and acquires a tan on the face but not in the area of the goggles. While some people want to avoid this type of tan, oth... Read More »

Omg did u see there is a goggle for goths lol?

well... I've seen it but thanks for sharing :D

How do I get the ad off my main Goggle page?

The ad for the Nexus 7? Yeah, there's nothing you can do about that.