I wonder what the mainstream medicine apologists have to say about this story?

Answer I worked at a major cancer hospital and you would be shocked, angered, and appalled at what I have seen pharmaceutical reps do - and get away with - to get their product promoted. It's all a big r... Read More »

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Should alternative medicine be brought under mainstream regulation?

Hi Gary. Yes, absolutely. If the AltMed industry want to continue making health claims then it should be put on the same evidence base as conventional medicine, this will make the practice safer an... Read More »

Is Homeopathy a reliable alternative to mainstream medicine?

On the contrary. Homeopathy not only contradicts common sense. It has also been proven over and over again to be useless as treatment of real diseases.It has been around for approximately 200 years... Read More »

Should professional mainstream practitioners be working with alternative medicine?

Actually, naturopath doctors are trained in the very same way as a medical doctor, only they are also trained in the area of natural therapies (rather than conventional) where medical doctors are n... Read More »

Why can't Wikipedia apologists come up with better rebuttals than merely dismissing critics as "trolls"?

The problem is that almost every positive Wikipedia trait can be deflated with the most fleeting scrutiny.Take for example the infamous Nature study. Britannica disputed the findings, which was to ... Read More »