I wonder if anyone has channel 1.?

Answer See this link to why there isn't any broadcast channel one.

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Does anyone own the wonder wash alternative washing machine?

I just read something the other day on facebook about making a diy washer out of a 5gallon bucket, i cant seem to find the same post, but heres another, pretty much the same idea.. http://www.... Read More »

I wonder Does anyone get all offended when the Chinese Eat Stir Fry?

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Is anyone willing to check out my youtube channel and maybe sub?

Minecraft? Sounds good to me. I will check it out. Two seconds I will sub.

Has anyone but me ever wondered why there isn't a channel 1?

This answer assumes you are in the US.There used to be a TV channel one, but it was negotiated away to cure interference problems. The space was given to Land Mobile Radio (2-way stuff).Edit: Her... Read More »