I wonder if I can adopt if im legal here in the us but my husband is not?

Answer No. If you are married you adopt as a couple and with one of you being here illegally that is not allowed. That would mean one of the parents could be forced to leave at any moment and not come bac... Read More »

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How can you adopt your niece if your husband has moved out of the house and wants a legal separation Adoption would help her get a free college education as your husband has tenure?

There is no reason why you cannot adopt for whatever reason, whether single, divorced, or married. However, if the reason for adoption is access to benefits through your husband, then HE would need... Read More »

You are divorce has 12 yr kid staying in US remarriage with US immigrant does your husband need to adopt your child to become legal father?

no, you can't one of the requisites they ask when you adopt is that you must have a stable income and be over 18 (21 in some states).

What can we do to get Wonder back on here?

I miss her too. I guess just beef up our vigilance against the trolls.

Is it me or do some of the questions you see here make you wonder...?

I have to agree. Self-education is the key. A lot of these questions are easily researched, but most are common sense. The stupidist one I have seen is the one of getting pregnant with a syringe of... Read More »