I wonder how many stars I'll get on this...?

Answer But of course, me lady!And, because it's for you, here, also The Best One I could find on the entire sky:…

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Vodka drinkers: In what fashion do you prefer to imbibe this particular liquor, this spirit of wonder?

Stolichnaya is my brand of choice, because quite simply...why even bother with the other garbage...LOLMy favorite drink/cocktail is either a Vodka Paralyzer, or a White Russian.Vodka Paralyzer :½ ... Read More »

Do you ever wonder whether the RTV "stars" we talk about ever come on here & read it?

i reckon they do gart maybe there the ones that report us pmsl

Did you wake up this morning and wonder what happened?

Hey, buddy, some of us actually work for a living. *sigh* But I plan to party tomorrow, Friday night, like it's 1999!