I woke up with a scratch on my arm?

Answer Dont listen to that ghost crapp.!!!Even if you didnt think you had a dream, you probably did. That happens to everyone!= ).. dont worry, unless it happens again: then see a doctor because maybe its... Read More »

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Can i fix a scratch on a camera lens or is it done for can't see the scratch in photos?

A scratch on the lens will not affect sharpness of pictures, it will introduce a little flare when bright objects are in shot and reduce contrast a tiny bit. You don't say what the camera is, but a... Read More »

The Best Non-Scratch or Scratch-Resistant Eyeglass Lenses?

Eyeglass lenses tend to scratch with use or neglect. A scratched up pair of eyeglasses can compromise vision and be a source of annoyance. Technology has yet to come out with scratch-free, lenses b... Read More »

What would you do if I woke you up at 4am...?

I just woke up?

Oh my gosh! I have a dream that I had sex and had an orgasm! Maybe I'm your babbys daddy?!