I woke up puking up blood?

Answer definitely get to the hospital immediately!

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I woke up covered in blood?

You woke up with nausea and spitting up blood-What can that be?

you are bleeding anywhere from your nasal passages to your stomach--blood gives you nausea & causes vomiting. Regardless, you need to go see a doctor. If it is a LOT of blood and vomiting, obviousl... Read More »

I woke up to start school and found blood, I'm afraid to tell my mom because I'm only 11 ... Help me?

Its normal i started when i was 10Just tell your mum & don't use toilet paper use pads!!x

I donated blood and went to sleep 4 hours later and woke up cold and nauseated?

I think you should call just to be sure.. but im pretty sure they test the blood... hmm yea call them just to be safe. better safe then sorry :)