I woke up at noon to the sound of my liver screaming. Should I be concerned?

Answer Same thing happened to me! Turns out I had just rolled onto the baby

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Should I Be Concerned If I Have a Fatty Liver?

Granite countertops are a stylish, sleek alternative to traditional tile, Corian or Formica. Granite, a natural stone product, is only slightly porous, so it won't absorb spills as readily as other... Read More »

How to make a computer sound like a screaming banshee?

That's a bit of a weird question, but you can try and stick a pen in one of the fans, or download a .wav file of a screaming banshee and replace all windows sounds with it so error messages, startu... Read More »

What Cat Makes a Sound Like a Screaming Woman?

The mountain lion or cougar has a cry that sounds very similar to a screaming woman or child. The scream can be quite startling, especially in the dark of the night.

I'm concerned about the color of my gums. Does this sound bad (read description)?

So long as you're not experiencing a lot of pain, bleeding or receding (that is, your gums are covering less and less of your teeth) I wouldn't worry about it too much.