I woke up at 4am thinking I was going to fall off my bed?

Answer It's really common :) It happened to me the other day, actually, and it happens really often. I've read in a lot of places that its common. Like in your head you think youre gonna fall when youre ... Read More »

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How can I stop thinking at night so I can fall asleep?

Not getting enough sleep is very bad for you... I'm insomniac since forever, but I learned to live with it... If you can adjust yourself to get enough sleep then you'll be fine... Those things you ... Read More »

I've been thinking about going for Jim Morrison hair?

Jim Morrison never had any bad ideas *looks around*.You would look sexy no matter what. Even bald. I say go for it, bring back the 70's.

Thinking of going Vegan, does anyone know how I can keep my Iron level up?

Iron-needed for the production of blood cells and transporting oxygen.: green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, tofu, pumpkin seeds, figs, dried apricots and dates. Avoid taking supplements it i... Read More »

Is My fingernail going to fall off or what?

The nail will be loosened from the bed where you have the blood pooled underneath it. If that goes completely across the nail from side to side, but doesn't extend all the way back to the cuticle,... Read More »