I wish to copy xp....can u help..?

Answer You cannot copy your XP from your computer, You will have to find your original installation cd. It is illegal to "Acquire" the ISO and make a copy of it, unless it is a backup. You should never se... Read More »

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If i could grant you a wish right now - what would you wish for?

I would want our school system to be better than what it is now. To make sure they are using every material possible to give children a good education. There are ways to make learning fun, they jus... Read More »

I wish to help my nan with assisted suicide at dignitas.?

And I thought I was a radical, vindictive, delusional, corrupt, soul-less, and hysterical creature. Looks like you take the cake. I counting that this isn't real, and you just want attention. Someo... Read More »

I own a TOMTOM GPS System. I Wish To Go Geocaching With it But I Have NO IDEA how to make it go offroad Help!?

A TomTom GPS System will not help you go geocaching. A TomTom will determine your location and route you, via road, to your destination.Garmin and Magellan make GPS units which are suggested for g... Read More »

How to Be a Make-a-Wish Wish Granter?

Although there are several organizations that work to make the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses come true, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is probably the best known. To date, almost t... Read More »