I wiped out while riding my bike yesterday and I think I hurt my right hip... (more)?

Answer You most likely hurt your gluteus minimus or piriformis via overextension when your body landed strangely. The best thing to do this long after the event would be to force yourself to do 360-degre... Read More »

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Why does my throat hurt when i'm riding my bike?

Probably because you need more water to hydrate you. the air pressure when you are biking was drying up your breathing pathways and it is not moist. you need to drink up water to moisten those area... Read More »

I have a hurt my butt while bike-riding, what do I do?

Get a moist heating pad and use that.It really helps a lot.Dry heat does not help but moist heat penetrates the skin and really feels good.My doctor told me this and I have found it to be true.I wa... Read More »

If a child is hurt riding a friend's mini bike on someone else's property who is responsible for paying the medical bills - our medical insurance of their homeowners?

Answer there are many variables here.. speaking for 'most' states...homeowners policys have two different areas (that are common, additional coverages can of course be purchased) that medical bill... Read More »

My son wiped out on his bike and broke his arm.....?

I actually had a similar experience, and I indeed had to wear the cast for the same six week period I would have had the break been bad enough for the ER quack to see in the x-ray.'Course it made m... Read More »