I will be home from Iraq in a few days..what should be my first drink?

Answer Beer.Best wishes:)

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Im 36 weeks and dilated to 1 will I last to full term My husbands in Iraq and will be home in 4 weeks when im supposed to be due and I really need him to be here?

While I can't give you any guarantees that you won't go into labor before your wonderful husband returns, being 1cm dilated is not at all unusual for a pregnant woman. This is especially so if it i... Read More »

What kind of ceremony do soldiers get coming home from iraq?

Soldiers returning from Iraq spend several days making their way home and are eager to relax with family and friends. Before being released to loved ones, however, soldiers participate in a "Welcom... Read More »

How much notice do you get before U.S. Army soldiers come home from Iraq?

A U.S. Army soldier's redeployment from Iraq is an exciting time; however, his family isn't notified about his flight until just before arrival. The Family Readiness Group (FRG) or Rear Detachment ... Read More »

Who is the photographer who first captured the body bags coming back from Iraq?