I whant to become obese how do i do that ?

Answer Just keep stuffing your face with fatty, greasy, fast food, Mcdonalds, Pizza, and beer, Lotsa Beer, candy, cakes, pie, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Soda, and you will achieve your goal. Enjoy.

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Make the Best and Coziest Room and Stuff You Will Whant and Need?

OK, I want all the girls in the world to have the bedroom they want. Don't be a copy cat and your own pizzaz to your room. Good luck.== Steps ==# Ask for permission before re-doing your room, even ... Read More »

Whant to know why some ovens are rated at 750 850 700 800 when cooking instructions are for 750 850 only?

so when the oven self cleans itself it needs enough heat to take of the burned crust that are hard to take off and your oven will be brand new nice and clean it will maintan itself.

Am I obese or mortally obese?

Your body mass index (BMI) is 21.4 and you have normal weight. (No overweight or obesity). Your height is taken as 6'2.5" for the purpose of calculation of BMI.

I am 15 and obese. Help?

Hi! A.R. Since THIS is the way it is.....make the best of it! It can be FUN to lose the weight, honest! You just have to get through the first 3 days....but that's where most ppl give up. As far as... Read More »