I went to the beach about a week ago and got a bad sunburn on my face?

Answer First off NEVER pick at peeling sunburn, it causes it to leave scarring or it can burn worse and slow down healing time. I literally am one of the palest people on this planet and I get sunburned s... Read More »

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< Week-old Sunburn with Swelling?

Please get it checked by the doctor! That sounds strange for a sunburn.

What can I do, I got a Bad Sunburn on my face.?

you may not like it but you can find an aloe plant and just break off part that the stem and just rub the aloe out of the plant all over your face. i usually do it whenever i get sun burnt on my face.

I was punched in the face, 1 week ago, bruse gone, face still tingles upper lip/teeth numb?

You may have trapped nerves or something like thatyou really should go and see a doctor about this because it may be repairable now but not if you leave itsorry to hear thatx

What's the best way to get a sunburn on your face to fade quickly?

The best and quickest way is to massage as thoroughly as you are able with olive oil. It is a natural healer contains many essential nutrients that heal and restore and is a perfect natural moistur... Read More »