I went running today and my toes were literally bleeding. what can I do?

Answer Pay the extra money to have your shoes professionally fit at a running shoe store.Bring your old ones, and they'll watch you run to see what kind of "strike pattern" and tendencies you have. Some ... Read More »

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My toes are BLEEDING!!!?

yea of course. just like u get cuts u can get cuts on your toes too! Its no big deal girl lol :] Just put medicine and stuff and maby peroxide or achool so the germs will get off. It will sting but... Read More »

Feb 5th you bled for 3 days you were only on cycle day 15 period wasnt due til 12th started bleeding again on 27th stopped bleeding today on mar 1st could you be prego?

Answer Yes you could be pregnant or having a hormonal imbalance. See your Doctor.

Bleeding stopped today yay (after miscarriage) can you help me now?

My baby did implant properly and was properly formed - and even I was told I could start trying again as soon as the bleeding stopped - so yes... of course she is ok to start again.I'm glad you hav... Read More »

Anus bleeding alot today?

They may do X-rays and maybe carefully look (and I put extreme emphasis on careful - they're not rough at all). The paramedics probably won't be needed since that's usually for cases where immediat... Read More »