I weigh more on the scales on a carpet!?

Answer Put the scales on a HARD level floor and leave them there. Moving them and having them on carpet doesn't make them reliable. I would say you are 10 stone.

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Are digital scales more accurate than old school scales?

Does digital information physically weigh anythng Example: If you fill a 200Gb HD, will it weigh more?

No. Info save is just magnetic variations, so atoms (molecules?) are same.

I am 5'7 and weigh 61kg.. I wanna weigh more and how can I gain?

You could eat a lot of icecream at the risk of getting Diabetes.

Would my hard disk weigh more if I store more data in it?

The film coating the platters would only have the magnetic orientation of the molecules (representing bits) changed; being either "plus" or "minus" (North and South, if you prefer). This renders t... Read More »