I weigh 110, I'm female and never drink, how many shots till I'm dead?

Answer Well, it's important to be careful, but it's also important to have fun. How many shots you can take is going to be dependent on how much food is in your stomach. Empty stomach = a shot will be ful... Read More »

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Im 16 and weigh 135 (male), how many shots of vadka about, till i get drunk?

Did you see on the news what happened to that very nice 15 year old girl in the San Francisco area last week??Don't get drunk.

How many shots till im drunk?

As I told Dean/Jack, Yet we must ask how it is that you have been drunk four times in the past and still can not figure the amount of alcohol it takes you to become drunk. Drink once again and this... Read More »

Is it "bad" to drink 2 shots and then take some advil?

not a good idea... very bad for your stomach, could cause ulcers and bleeding. But alot better than drinking on tylenol and shutting your liver down. On the other hand a lot of liquid cold remedie... Read More »

How to Drink Two Beers Before Somebody Drinks Two Shots?

Win a bet that you can drink two beers before someone else can drink two shots. One rule: You can't touch the other person's drink. (as seen in the movie Poolhall Junkies)