I washed my phone in the washer?

Answer I won't say the obvious, but if you can still use, it go ahead. If you pay the extra for a warranty, you might consider getting it replaced so the screen can be utilized. If you're trying to see ... Read More »

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Please help me! my cell phone got washed in my washer cause i left it in my pocket it was all wet !?

Can couch cushions be washed in the washer?

You can machine-wash couch cushions if you can disable the agitation step in the washing cycle. The couch cushion should only soak in soapy water, rinse and spin. The agitator in a washing machine ... Read More »

I just washed my iPod in the washer. What can I do to save it?

There is no guarantee that anything will help, but here is the standard advice for a wet iPod. DO NOT mess with at ALL, this includes turning on, docking, anything! The more you fool with it, the g... Read More »

Acidentally washed money in washer?

Air dry it, flat. If there are any tears or if it is faded enough to to be hard to read, take it to a bank for exchange. The banks turn in damaged money regularly. Mutilated money has different req... Read More »