I washed my phone in the washer?

Answer I won't say the obvious, but if you can still use, it go ahead. If you pay the extra for a warranty, you might consider getting it replaced so the screen can be utilized. If you're trying to see ... Read More »

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Please help me! my cell phone got washed in my washer cause i left it in my pocket it was all wet !?

Can couch cushions be washed in the washer?

You can machine-wash couch cushions if you can disable the agitation step in the washing cycle. The couch cushion should only soak in soapy water, rinse and spin. The agitator in a washing machine ... Read More »

Acidentally washed money in washer?

Air dry it, flat. If there are any tears or if it is faded enough to to be hard to read, take it to a bank for exchange. The banks turn in damaged money regularly. Mutilated money has different req... Read More »

Can crystal glasses be washed in the dish washer?

Crystal glasses should not be washed in the dishwasher. Delicate pieces can break, and crystal can cloud if dishwasher detergent bakes into it from high heat. Instead, you can simply rinse crystal ... Read More »