I was wondering if it is possible for people to track my home computer?

Answer Erm...Have you been taking your medication lately?

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This is possible to track history details in network connected computer?

yes the easy way is to install network tracking app like netspypro: can help track all Internet usage within network pcs.

So i am using CyberGhost so people can not track my fake facebook accounts IP address back to my computer.?

I'd recommend offshore VPN service that is private, secure and reliable

I work from home somedays using a VPN client for internal access- can my boss track my computer activity?

of course they can track you...and why wouldn't they, it's their right to see what you are up too, they are paying you to work not look at porn. (An Honest days pay for an Honest days work) what ha... Read More »

I was wondering if its possible to connect a dvd recorder?

it should be possible if the tv has a scart (euroconnector) on the back-when you want to watch the dvd press "av" 1 or 2 on your remote. most recorders also accomodate for standard ariel output you... Read More »