I was watching tv and all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain in my stomach ?

Answer You may have been stabbed.

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Sudden sharp pain in my elbow?

Sharp pain in your elbow is a symptom of tennis elbow as you already know. As well as the other symptoms you describe, difficulty extending your arm fully, forearm stiffness and a weak grip. You ... Read More »

Sudden, sharp, and frequent ear pain ...?

it MIGHT be an ear infection,but it doesnt seem like its really bad to be one...go to a doctor or a walk in clinic as soon as you can

I have a sudden sharp pain under left eye.what could it be?

I Was standing on my knees, and then felt a sharp pain on it. Whats going on?

How long was you standing? Perhaps you damaged the meniscus? Although it'd be odd to get the injury in both knees at the same time.. but if the pain appears in one knee only it's posssible.