I was watching stuff i shouldn't have and now my computer s locked?

Answer Its a scam. Dont be worried and whatever you do dont pay it.Its no reason to not watch porn again, just learn where to get it from instead of random googling.They dont know who you are and they can... Read More »

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My computer is messed up from some virus, shouldnt it be against the law for someone to mess up my computer?

It is against the law... The problem is in finding the criminals...

Please , what I can do. My computer is as slow as dial up! I have DSL. My son says I have to much stuff.?

I see the problem.. 256 mb RAM.. get more RAM.Install a registry remover, CCleaner, and an anti-virus software just to be careful. Your best bet is to install more RAM (if you don't know how take y... Read More »

What are food that u shouldnt have when u have diabetes?

Shouldnt we have lower prices in gas?

No, i wished they would increase it and make people realize to not always go to their cars, trucks,suv's etc. If you depend on others so much they can manipulate prices. Its called supply and dem... Read More »