I was travelling by train yesterday and someone decided for some reason to step out in-front of the train?

Answer If I'm right in thinking you were on the National Express East Coast train, you can fill in the form below. As you were delayed for over an hour you're entitled to a full refund.http://www.national... Read More »

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What is the best way to step in front of a train?

It depends on if it is a freight train or a passenger train. Also if it is steam or deisel. Don't step in front of a classic steamer or we rail buffs will finish you off painfully and slowly if the... Read More »

What if you refuse to train for combat medic in army my granddaughter completed boot camp and has now decided to refuse to train for combat medic and just wants to come home to boyfriend?

She's training as a "Healthcare Specialist", not a Combat Medic. She can refuse to train if she wishes. Of course, she'll have to face the music. If she fails to report in, there'll be administrati... Read More »

Why is travelling by train so expensive?

It's crazy, isn't it? Then factor into that the parking at the station, the dirty and overcrowded trains, the yobs and slobs - altogether it just isn't a very nice experience in this country!Edit:... Read More »

How much more eco freindly is travelling by train than by plane?

If you add on the journey to and from the airport, the time wasted at the airport which has to be "fuelled" and the delays when circling the airfield waiting to land then a train is not only more f... Read More »