I was told my grandbaby's soft spot is frozen. what does that mean?

Answer The baby's soft spot (fontanelle) refers to the normal gaps between baby's un-fused bony plates in his/her skull. This eases the birth process by allowing the head to change shape slightly during b... Read More »

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You are 19 weeks pregnant and your doctor told you today that your cervix is soft and short what does that mean?

My eye doctor told me that I'm 2200, What does that mean?

you may were 20/70 two years ago and 20/200 nowthats your visual acuity. 20/200 means from 20 feet you see what a person with normal eyes sees from 200 feet

I have been told that my babys head is engaged im 34 weeks what does this mean?

Answer That means the baby's head is in the birth canal and probably getting ready to drop. There is nothing to worry about. If anything I is a good thing because when you go into labor it won't b... Read More »

Hi, my doctot told my brother that he is experiencing the fist stages of diabetis....what does thathis mean?

What it means is.... if he doesn't get with the program real soon and start losing weight, eating a healthy diet, and exercising.... he will be taking medication for the rest of his life.