I was told a site called bt junkie were you can get cds and films on.?

Answer Try using VLC player it supports most files and it is free.Get it from................ Luck

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I once saw an ad that told me what my computer was and my browser and also IP. Is there a site that does that?

Like this site? can copy and paste their code in your own web site.

A friend told me about something called “do not track”. What does this mean?

The "stalking" your friend was talking about was from Internet marketers.When you use Do Not Track, your browser will delete your cookies so these marketing companies can't target you for ads.There... Read More »

A friend told me about something called “Facedeals”. What is this?

I saw something about this on the news one night. It's a facial recognition app that works with Facebook. Cameras are set up at the entrances to businesses and record everyone going in. If you a... Read More »

My Mom, who has basic cable, called Comcast and during the conversation she was told that if she goes and gets?

Unless your mom's Comcast rate structure is dramatically different than mine, changing to any cable box (a.k.a. set-top-box or STB) costs more than simply connecting the cable directly from the wal... Read More »