I was thinking of opening a mexican restaurant in the uk?

Answer The ways to become a permanent citizen are very reduced. Almost the only way to be here is to marry a British person (which is my case). In order to get a job you need a very important degree (mas... Read More »

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Opening a mexican restaurant but need a good name?

I,am opening up a restaurant i need a name for it I,ll will serving mexican food?

it depends a lot if it's a fast food restaurants or a fancy restaurant. You can also named it after your specialty dish. good luck with your restaurant

Thinking of opening a cake bakery?

Getting a job at a bakery will help you get an inside look at all the different facets of what you will need to do to have your own.I suggest it. Even as a pan washer or retail clerk, you will see... Read More »

Opening a new jazz restaurant?

No idea..But, when you do send me an invitation or a link or something. My brother loves jazz and we haven't been out together in a while. See, u already have customers. It's all good!