I was thinking about setting up a Facebook account but....?

Answer I thought that was you, you look quite majestic in your avatar photo! LOL But seriously, you can set it to where only your friends and family can see your picture. You should really put one up. ... Read More »

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I was thinking about making Facebook account, are they fun or a waste of time?

Facebook is a very convenient way to keep in touch with current friends and classmates as well as people you knew in the past and family. It tends to be a bit addictive though. Try to limit yoursel... Read More »

How do i go about setting my post office account on my computer?

Post Office Broadband? Post Office banking? The Post Office has its fingers in a lot of pies these days so you need to be more specific.

Thinking about downloading the messenger app for facebook, is it good, how does it work?

It's not as hard to work as you think. Just download it. I don't use it though its not really that useful.. Lol

Thinking about taking a train across country I have a one year old and a two year old... and my husband and I were thinking about taking the tram from California to Oklahoma. Any feeback Thaks?

Yes, if there is no father's name or signature on the birth certificate everything should be fine. If there is, you would have to get that person on the birth certificate, whether father or not, to... Read More »