I was thinking about buying a laptop?

Answer Everyone says to buy Dell, but I am friends with a friend with a top degree in computing who says not to buy Dell or Acer.Toshiba is top of the range, but within your price range you might have to ... Read More »

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Hi thinking of buying a laptop is this a good one?

roy make sure you get something to suit your needsThis is from my notes, hope it helps..Always work out what your needs are and buy a laptop to suit.Choosing a laptop=============You have to decide... Read More »

I'm thinking about buying a laptop and the one I'm interested in has 3 gigs of ram and Windows Vista?

Vista can be a good operating system for a laptop, but only if the laptop has the proper processing power. Microsoft's website suggests at least 512mb of system memory, but that isn't nearly enough... Read More »

I'm thinking of buying laptop which one should i settle for an apple, sony, hp or dell?

Personally, I prefer Apple. I've never really cared for Dell laptops. They tend to have flimsy keyboards. I abhor Sony and their business practices. They are more interested in locking their custom... Read More »

I am thinking of buying my mother's old laptop. Are Sony Vaios good computers?

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