I was texting my girlfriend and i think she just passed out what do I do?

Answer I've fainted before. Generally u wake up after a minute or two. Usually less. Call her parents. If she's home alone keep calling her until she picks up. If she doesn't answer after 10 minutes and ... Read More »

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Would a 19-year-old girl who just passed her test have cheaper car insurance than a 25-year-old guy who just passed his test?

What happened I think I passed out?

dehydration? tell your parents, and drink some water... if it keeps happening i'd see a doctor, sounds like some spring dehydration though (:

I have just passed my motorcycle test and was wondering what bike to buy?

It's difficult to advise somone on what bike to purchase. Have a good look around and compare what extras you are going to get with different bikes as these can be expensive if they are optional. ... Read More »

I just passed my driving test!...?

congratulations!!! well done!! such an achievement. sadly youre insurance will be higher b'cos you are new. as a learner you are always accompanied by a experienced driver - now you're on your own.... Read More »