I was strangled yesterday and?

Answer Hello Maria! as with any swellings you apply a cold compress to calm the nerves around the affected area. Loosely wrap a cold towel around your neck area which in time will bring out the bruising t... Read More »

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Why do i get strangled so easily?

You aren't getting strangled, you are aspirating some water.Tell your kids not to dunk you until you get over your fear of choking.

Is the art of communication being strangled by Social networking?

Of course it is and is well documented on most newspaper websites.The latest one I read was that people are now so lazy, they will textsomeone in the NEXT room would you believe.A good one to use f... Read More »

Whose house does Emma get strangled on the lying game?

The Wednesday (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM) show starts on 07-11-2012

I got braces yesterday and all i ate yesterday was mac n cheese but can i go ahead and eat harder foods wo/pai?

My sister said to wait like a day or 2, So you can get used to them.Just it Soft foods for now until it feels like you dont even notice you have them anymore.