I was stabbed. Will I die?

Answer Every self-respecting ER will treat you whether or not you can pay. If you can't, tell them, and they'll treat you just as they would another patient. You need to go. Being treated at home usually ... Read More »

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What is it like to be stabbed?

Your body can go into shock, and you might not consciously acknowledge that you are injured. You can be disoriented. Your speech can be slurred. You might not know where you are, or when the inj... Read More »

My brother stabbed me in the eye?

not exactly; i got hit in the eye with the heel on a shoe and a chunk came out i cried for about 3 hours and it was red but i didnt have to like go to the doctors or anything!stay away from your br... Read More »

I just stabbed i go to the hospital?

going to the hospital would be a waste of time and money, if it is just a little cut, just rinse it off with hot water, than find some medication, like neosporin, get a bandage, this will prevent t... Read More »

If a guy gets stabbed in the balls...?

I know someone that had that happen to him. He was playing soccer and some guy meant to kick the ball, but instead he kicked my friend the balls...with cleats on. I don't know the gory ... Read More »