I was stabbed. Will I die?

Answer Every self-respecting ER will treat you whether or not you can pay. If you can't, tell them, and they'll treat you just as they would another patient. You need to go. Being treated at home usually ... Read More »

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I just stabbed myself in the foot !!! 1 inch DEEP!!! WILL I LIVE?

Take two aspirins and get plenty of bed rest . . .

How long will my leg take to recover from being stabbed with a pitchfork?

A long time I think.. just take it easy. Do not take tramadol unless you don't mind terrible nightmares. My Mum had to take them after she had a hip replacement&she had terrible night terrors every... Read More »

My brother stabbed me in the eye?

not exactly; i got hit in the eye with the heel on a shoe and a chunk came out i cried for about 3 hours and it was red but i didnt have to like go to the doctors or anything!stay away from your br... Read More »

I got stabbed by a pencil?

Calm down its probably nothing unless u are swelling or such. It will obviously hurt still if u recently stabbed yourself but there shouldn't be anything to worry about :)