I was outside at the park and i know i got sunburn, how can you cool it down ?

Answer I know this is going to sound perverted but I've heard many people say that sperm will take the burn out & soothe the skin. Something to do with the protein concentrate in it.

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Is there a product that you can use to cool you down when its hot outside?

If your looking for a product that keeps you cool. You can try a chillow pillow. Its not electronic, but it is good for just about everything. It stays cool all the time. I purchased one as a gift... Read More »

Can you cool down a pc with an electric fan blowing from the outside unit?

On One Hand: Computers Feature Specific DesignsThough computers rely on the flow of ambient air over hot processors to cool the system's internal temperature, computer manufacturers design cases wi... Read More »

I got sunburn yesterday while I was outside playing in the snow.?

Noxzema.Yes the face wash slather it all over yourself it takes the sting out and cools the skin.Solarcaine spray. This is a spray with aloe in it and it feels so cool when going on. This also help... Read More »

Lodging Outside Yosemite National Park?

California's Yosemite National Park is one of the country's most popular wilderness vacations. The 1,200-square-mile park includes waterfalls, rivers, Giant Redwoods and colorful wildflowers. While... Read More »