I was on my computer and suddenly the information on the screen got larger than my screen.. what did I do and ?

Answer hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel.

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Why does my computer screen suddenly look larger?

Change the resolution. Go in display properties, on the last tab i.e settings. Change resolution to 1280*800 click apply.

Computer crashes suddenly with blue screen?

Technically there are only three types of issues which will cause Windows Operating Systems to generate a General Protection Fault (GPF) or "Blue Screen". Usually GPF's will display a Hexadecimal e... Read More »

Computer screen suddenly went black and won't turn on?

Is you computer a laptop or desktop?If desktop, check the connections on the tower for not being loose. I had this problem on one of my older computers and mine was a bad video card, replaced and w... Read More »

How to Make the Print Larger on a Computer Screen?

This tutorial is intended for novice computer users.Whether you are trying to view a body of text without unnecessary scrolling or adjusting of the text or you are over the hill or close to it or j... Read More »