I was just wondering if any body else finds this particular site?

Answer Yes a lot and am very glad some users have been able to help you out,,,,just stay here and soon you will have "Yarhoodlers Syndrom" the inability to go a day without visiting this site,,it`s good f... Read More »

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Wondering about my body, 17?

There are smart knowledgeable people on this site - wondering about the role of water in weight lose?

There is the thought that sometimes when you think you are hungry your really just thirsty. If you are drinking the 8 glasses of water per day you probably are not going to drink something else. ... Read More »

Any good site for body thermometers?

You will get it over the counter in most of the pharmaceutical shops.

Any body wants to see the complete site of if I get 50 answer,,,,I will?

I always enjoy looking at ideas that others have for website design, the Flash is ok only problem is that search engines look for page content and flash is totally invisible to them. This is one an... Read More »