I was just wondering if all oranges have navels?

Answer it really depends on who the doctor was that delivered the orange some have inny and some have outty and some have none at all. an experienced doctor will leave no visible navel. well, Tangerines a... Read More »

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We just got a HD tv & im wondering do we absolutely have 2 get the HD cable box or can we just get the HDMI...?

You have to upgrade your service to HD. When you do that, they will send you a new box that you will connect to your HDTV with a HDMI cable.You can also buy sa cheap antenna at target or walmart a... Read More »

How many of you on here have diabetes, just wondering?

I am type 1, so when you see the JDRF commercials thats what its about, I was diagnosed 8-5-05. the symptoms for type 1 are:High blood sugar1.Thirst, drink, go, repeat2.vomit3.tiredness(thats what ... Read More »

I have just passed my motorcycle test and was wondering what bike to buy?

It's difficult to advise somone on what bike to purchase. Have a good look around and compare what extras you are going to get with different bikes as these can be expensive if they are optional. ... Read More »

I have a camera lense in my computer and i was just wondering if i could record using it?

Probably. But since you did not tell us the computer manufacturer or what software is on your computer that might be capable of doing what you want, there is not way for us to know for sure. We can... Read More »