I was injured on the job and had to have surgery Im you entitled to a claim?

Answer Morbidity table (similiar to mortality table like CSO 1953-58, CSO 1980 etc)

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If you had a surgery from lifting at work and did not claim workman's comp with another surgery can you file?

Am I entitled to nose surgery?

You should see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. He will check you out and determine if you require surgery. It sounds likely that you now have a deviated septum and corrective surgery would improve y... Read More »

What is mobile insurance .. Which mobiles phones are entitled for that.. How to claim that...?

Mobile insurance is for your mobile phone (or cell phone if you are American).You can get this type of insurance from any mobile phone shop, just walk in and ask.If you have contents insurance, che... Read More »

If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn't appear to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

Answer not sure about legal time line but if you report the accident immediately or even now ( if you did not) your insurance company will assist you with the information. if for no other reason t... Read More »