I was in a car accident on Saturday, is this normal to experience(read on)?

Answer Yes These symptoms are very common after minor whiplash type injuries.You can read more about it here:…Hope that helps

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Is it normal to get drunk Every Friday and Saturday?

Its called binge drinking, and it does more damage to your body than if you drank the same amount over the space of the week. Just because it's a common problem doesn't make it OK. Two nights a wee... Read More »

Is this normal found a pair of your underwear in your younger brothers room with cum stains on them I know boys have fantasies with panties but is this normal to masturbate to your sister's underwear?

If it was normal, then your brother would have his OWN pair of underwear, not panties, but still.

How to get over this cold by saturday!?

Get some of that Cold-Eeze stuff...that usually kicks it out pretty quickly.....and drink lots & lots of OJ...Hope it goes away so you can enjoy your time at the beach. Take care, Marilyn

Who is the guest host on Saturday Night Live this week?

Go here and find the guy labeled "Brad G."