I was denied a doctors visit because I Don't have healthcare?

Answer If it is not indigestion and by taking ask the pharmacist where a cheap box is, at the canned good outlet stores they have them cheap as $2. Okay then there is the low income clinics, but usually ... Read More »

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Do you think doctors are sometimes a little too conservative in their approach to healthcare?

I understand taking a conservative approach in medicine. You don't need to be a bull dozer for something that is minor. At the same time, I do think some doctors are too laid back and avoid nipping... Read More »

How do doctors, other healthcare workers deal with noncompliant patients?

Hi there. Having non-compliant patients is very frustrating but the only thing your friend can take on board is the fact that if she is going to switch to a medical career - which is hard work, lo... Read More »

Is IUD fitted and inserted in one doctors visit?

Can I get social anxiety medicine my first visit to the doctors?

Probably, but it won't cure a thing. Medicines for mental disorders do nothing to fix the problem. All they do is numb your mind a little making things appear to be easier to cope with. If you want... Read More »