I was denied a doctors visit because I Don't have healthcare?

Answer If it is not indigestion and by taking ask the pharmacist where a cheap box is, at the canned good outlet stores they have them cheap as $2. Okay then there is the low income clinics, but usually ... Read More »

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I have a printer that wont print because I dont have colored ink?

HP requires all cartridges to have ink in them.

I'm a waitress, should I quit because of swine flu I dont have to work and I have a 4 yr old. Im so scared...?

Things could always change, but as it stands right now your little girl is far more likely to get hurt in a car accident then get the swine flu. Sol are you going to no longer ride in cars?

So the doctors are closed because it is the weekend or else I would go there. I have had a sore throat for abo?

You are not an Emergency, so do not go to the ER. They are always overwhelmed and do not need to see you for a sore throat.go back to the Urgent Care and ask him to swab your throat.I wish you well.

How do you tell your parents you want to go to the doctors because you think you might have leukemia?

just tell them that you are not feeling well and you want to see a doctor don't be afraid the faster you find out the sooner they can help you.