I was banned on chatroulette?

Answer There's just not enough of these wonderful questions in the Wikipedia section, you know. But help is what we're here for, so this is it. Honest. Legal trouble? It's a distinct possibility, especial... Read More »

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How to Respond When You Get Your IP Banned from Chatroulette Without Doing Anything Wrong?

Commonly, people get redirected off Chatroulette and are directed to a third party site. If you come across this, follow this step-by-step guide.

Boyfriend on my wifi using IP address chatroulette banned - rational or am I crazy?

It probably was him. If he's chatting with other women and he has the need to hid it. He's probably done with you or the loves fading away or whatever you had. Please don't be indinile k I hope you... Read More »

Banned from iSketch. How long till I can play again I figure it's my IP address banned.?

How the heck did you get banned from there too? I'm addicted to that site now. I've finally started winning some games.Lil-It is like online pictionary. It's fun and addicting!

Smoking is to be banned, Should Kissing be Banned?

Personally i am glad smoking is being banned in public, but i feel for the smokers due to they have rights too. There is a very fine line for this subject and as you say it is political correctness... Read More »