I was 700 miles from nasa space center Houston i moved at highway speed for 20 min.I did not change highways i moved from a desret environment to a rainfoorest environment where would i be?

Answer You would be in Mr. Barret's science class!!!!!!!

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If I just moved into an apartment an they have bed bugs an admitted to you that they were there before you moved in will your renters insurance cover your furniture?

Insurance policies generally exclude animal and insect infestation. If there were a policy that covered that, it would be for the damage that the animals or insects cause. In your situation, it doe... Read More »

If your 17 and moved out and then moved back home do you still have to obay all the rules of the parents?

Answer Yes, it is their house and you must follow their rules.

What former salesperson's daytime talk show began on wlwd in dayton Ohio moved to wgn-tv in Chicago in 1974 and in 1984 moved to New York city?

Just moved to Houston and am desperately looking for a entry level job.... I live in the SW area...?

Well it's kind of hard to recommend something without any other information. If you've worked the sales side of retail, furniture sales is something that is always hiring. Check places like Star Fu... Read More »