I wanted to buy some pipe tobacco online from US. I am in New Zealand.?

Answer Yes it is legal and yes you have to pay duty as well as GST as well as an administration fee. Excise/customs duty is approximately $630 per kilo; GST is 15% and the admin fee is around $40.See the ... Read More »

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What is a tobacco pipe?

A tobacco pipe is a device used to smoke tobacco leaves. Generally, the tobacco pipe has a bowl on one end. The bowl is where the tobacco is placed. Connected to the bowl in some fashion is a ho... Read More »

How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe?

The art of pipe smoking is the oldest form of tobacco use, and the one most often overlooked by the modern smoker. In this day and age of instant gratification and fast-paced living, replete with i... Read More »

How to Choose a Tobacco Pipe?

If you have decided to start smoking a pipe, you will be one of millions of pipe smokers. Notable pipe smokers include Mark Twain, Gerald Ford, and Neil Armstrong. With a wide variety in styles, fi... Read More »

What is a tobacco pipe called?

There are many different names for tobacco pipes, each signifying a specific type or shape of pipe. An apple pipe has a round bowl for tobacco. Some other names for a tobacco pipe include the bulld... Read More »